Bells and Missiles (Prod. by Patio)

by Obese Chess

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This is a little joint I cobbled together after hearing a beat from Patio. It just kind of flowed out of me one night and I wanted to see if I could do the whole song - all 84 bars of it - in one take. The last, like, ten bars are all rearranged from the order I wrote them in, but overall I'm QUITE proud of how the song came out. As such, the lyrics included here are going to be slightly off at the end but I'm pretty good at enunciating so y'all can follow along.


And there was a piece of me that never wanted to see the reasons
I could never be seen weepin' or breathing with changing seasons
I just stand by defiantly as the world spins around me
Teeth and fists clenched up just trying to ground me
To the memories of you that I keep crumpled in these pockets
Asked why I couldn't see with their fingers in my sockets
They gave me a microphone and expected me to rock it
Told them to prepare for disappointment and I dropped it
Because what's the point, what's the use, what am I to do
Do you expect the same from me that I can't expect from you?
Would you tell me to walk away, or would you care if I didn't call?
Would you trip me as I walked, laugh at the perilous fall?
Your life story soundin' sterile is all
I'm on another level, throwing barrels at y'all
Donkey Kong silverback of this rap shit, always will be
Spit up blood in a soundproof booth until it kills me
And it fills me with a joy, feels like I'm finally worth it
I'd been digging for that for years and I finally unearthed it
But what if they don't like it, I say, what if they hate me
As much as I do, and they berate me
Could I handle the rejection in another facet of life
Put a mask on the mic take a fast little bite until I'm laughing myself to sleep at night
The past is a disaster, chapping me, holding me back and distracting me
Cracking every piece of me that had been burned blackened and battered, see
I'm not afraid to live, but I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to talk shit but I'm not afraid to cry
I'm just trying to find a balance between the margins and bars
Tearing every wall down and thawing out my heart
Put it all on display, and charge you a couple bucks
Hope you and your friends like it, hope it makes you fall in love
With me or someone else, just someone who deserves it
Someone who makes you feel like you're finally worth it
Who lights a spark in you the way that music did for me
Who takes a hold of your life and makes you view it differently
I want to grab hold of your hand, walk across this bridge
Inventory myself over a couple of drum kicks
The ingredients are there, but how well are they gonna mix?
How much of me is so broken that it just can't be fixed?
But broken parts don't matter if the whole carriage works
You just gotta try to handle it with a little care at first
When the whole is always more than the sum of its parts
You just learn to keep your head down, and charge out of the dark
I don't wanna just be simple, just tend to a basic task,
I want to live forever, or at least want something to last
The point of all this is if that piece of me is honest,
I could be good enough for you, too, I promise


released June 6, 2014
Lyrics by Obese Chess
Music by Patio (
Recorded and Mixed by Brud Giles at Fremont Recording, Portland, OR (



all rights reserved


Obese Chess Portland, Oregon

All-American Union-Made Rap Music.

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